7-Up wants to be the beverage of choice

By Dustin Koury
Athletic Director Janel Batten spoke to the Board about an Exclusive Beverage Agreement between the District and 7-Up.
The official documents regarding the agreement are not public documents. Batten stated that the Booster Club had previously done an agreement which had allowed for the purchase of a $5,200 score board. Due to interest in paying off that original agreement, the actual cost to the District was roughly $7,000. That amount is currently being paid off to PepsiCo through rebates from product sold.
At the current rate of pay, Batten estimates that it would take approximately 11.5 years to pay in full. The District contacted PepsiCo to discuss adjusting the plan or updating it to include the Field of Dreams Project; however, PepsiCo no longer partakes in such agreements.
7-Up is willing to be a preferred beverage vendor and assist in paying off the previous debt. According to Batten, 7-Up enjoys making arrangements with smaller communities and building positive relationships.
Another benefit to having 7-Up be a preferred beverage vendor is that they will fill their vending machines, which is not part of the current agreement. The new agreement would only apply to beverage sales conducted by the District; therefore, any outside groups using school facilities would still be able to utilize the beverages of their choice.
Batten also spoke to the Board about the renewal of the Hockey Co-op Agreement. The agreement continues to include Ashwaubenon, Pulaski, Seymour, and Wrightstown. The Board unanimously chose to approve the Co-op Agreement as presented, with Board Member Michael Voelkers abstaining from the vote after indicating that the item was not properly listed on the agenda as an Action Item.
The Board also unanimously approved a field trip for 5th grade students to attend a three day, two night trip to Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya. The proposal for the trip, presented by Fairview Principal Niki Disterhaft, Fifth Grade Teacher Craig Piczkowski, and Special Education Teacher Sarah Casper, stated that a “trip of this nature not only provides a rich academic environment, but also provides students with authentic situations where they are able to practice life skills as well as social skills that will be necessary for success as global citizens.” The trip will count for three of the four permitted annual field trips for the fifth grade students, as they will miss three days of attendance at Fairview.
Student Representative Emily Johnson reported that many students have scheduled classes for next year already and that seniors are currently doing college placement testing. She also provided an update on the Chilirific Music Palooza which was held on Jan. 31. According to Board Member Michael Voelkers, this year’s event was “the most successful year ever” having raised nearly $19,000.
Glenbrook Principal Kurtis Sufka provided an update about academic and technological progress at the school. Sufka showed a video compiled by elementary students that was created using the iPad and editing technology. Students interviewed teachers and students about their experiences at Glenbrook this year and what they enjoy about the school. Sufka and Board Members agreed that the project was just one display of how students are using technology in the classroom.
The next Board Meeting will be held on March 2 and will discuss the Field of Dreams project progress and 2016-2017 Staff Planning. Mark Wernicke also stated that a complete discussion of Strategic Aims and Broader Organizational Goals will also be addressed at the meeting so that the discussion can include the new Superintendent.