Incumbent Fewell to face Becker on April 5

Incumbent Steve Fewell and challenger Mark Becker advance to face each other in the April 5 election for Brown County District 26 supervisor.
The Brown County Clerk has the unofficial results with Becker receiving 375 votes, 50.74 percent in the February 16 primary. Fewell received 242 votes which breaks down to 32.75 percent.
The third challenger, Jim Pyle, garnered 113 votes at 15.29 percent.
In the Village of Pulaski, Brown County sector, Fewell received 57 votes compared to Becker’s 150.
Fewell, who has served on the county board for the past 14 years, was not surprised by the results. What did surprise him was the voter turnout.
“I was surprised how low the voter turnout was, and that will be different in the April election,” Fewell said.
He said this isn’t the first time he wasn’t the top vote getter in a primary.
“I’ve been beaten in the primary before,” Fewell said. “Mark worked really hard. I realize there is work to be done and a message to get out.”
Becker:said he was surprised by the margin of victory.
“It was nice to see 50 percent” he said of the number of votes he received.
As for the voter turnout, he says it was on par with past primaries.
“It would be nice to see more people come out and vote,” Becker said. “Hopefully we get a good turnout in the spring.”
Becker has a lot of respect for Steve so he knows he has his work cut out for him come April.
“I”m looking forward to a nice clean race,” he said.
Becker is a business manager at Le Mieux Toyota in Ashwaubenon while Fewell serves in pastoral and palliative care for Unity Hospice of De Pere, and St. Mary and St. Vincent pastoral care.
As for the race for Justice of the Supreme Court, Brown County reported Rebecca G. Bradley receiving 9,884 votes, a 47.55 percentage. She will be challenged by JoAnne F. Kloppenburg who received 8,010 votes, or 38.53 percent.
Joe Donald garnered 2,869 votes at 13.8 percent.
The Village of Pulaski in Brown County reported Bradley receiving 112 votes to Kloppenburg’s 65.
As for the village in Shawano County, Bradley received five votes while Kloppenburg garnered one.