Pulaski resident leads the fight against lead poisoning

A Pulaski resident is leading the way as she attempts to bring awareness of a potential Assembly bill that addresses the dangers of lead poisoning.
Crystal Wozniak spoke at the State Capitol on Friday, February 12, was invited by lawmakers to help present a bill related to lead poisoning.
Wozniak is an advocate for the Lead Safe America Foundation after her son Casheous was lead poisoned in 2013 at their home in Green Bay. She also joined forces with the Brown County Lead Coalition about a year ago.
She said there is an existing bill that they are looking to change that would include water being tested as well as soil and paint in the house.
Casheous Wozniak tested positive due to paint from a windowsill, she said.
“I talked about our story and the fact that I didn’t realize that my son was sick due to the fact you can’t tell that he was poisoned,” Wozniak said.
The bill wants to lower the blood level down from 15 to 5 percent of a child’s blood so a lead hazard investigation to be conducted.
She said the big thing she’s focusing on is that landlords and homeowners make people aware of the lead hazards
“Purchase a home newer than 1978 to avoid lead in the home,” Wozniak said. “Anyting built before 1978 probably has lead in it.”
She said make sure the landlord provides a lead disclosure and the pamphlet that goes along with it that they are required to do by law.
She points out that lead is literally everywhere, not just your home, such as vacation destinations, playgrounds and such.
In moving forward, she’s looking to get help mandating in place for prenatal care because if the mom is being poisoned, so is the child that is not even born yet.”
Lead is a silent and altering neurotoxin,” Wozniak said.